System Woes

November 12, 2005

I mentioned earlier that I’d be buying a 360 when it came out. I mentioned the fact that I’d had the system pre-ordered for quite some time, and that while I lament the amount of money I’ll have to drop I am looking forward to the opportunity to check out a console at system launch.

Well, unfortunately the number of shipping 360 is so low that, like some other internet-famous people, I’ll be sans the new console on November 22nd. While I jumped on the preorder quite early in August, the number of actual units they’re getting at the Madison Gamestop is so low that I was bumped from 1st shipment to 2nd shipment. When’s the second shipment coming in, you might wonder? Maybe December. Maybe.

Additionally, the rig that Brian lovingly crafted for me about two and a half years ago is beginning to wear thin. The case itself, and the fans moving air through the case, have seen better days. My processor is a paltry 1.3 ghz, and overall it is time to move on. Besides the monies that I’m going to have to throw down for the 360, I’m also buying a new computer. [cry]

The system I finally decided on this week is a pre-built rig offered up by Directron. The fugly little beast can be seen on their site. The only difference between that rig and what I should be getting in the mail on Monday or Tuesday is a less horrifying looking case, and a slightly better video card. They didn’t have that model of 6600 in-stock, so upgraded me to the 512 MB model for free. It’s a significant improvement over my current system, and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to start fresh.

All that said, any illusions you may have about the scads of money that Slashdot throws at me are more than a little inaccurate. This is a lot of dough to be throwing down in one month, and Katie and I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet. I’m not overly thrilled, to say the least. This is a somewhat more fun unexpected expense than the flat tire or the power steering, but no less financially frustrating.

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