Being A Writer Is Not Glamorous

November 11, 2005

Bunny Guy from FFXIIIt’s been a short week for me. Hell, really it’s been a short month. I feel like the last few weeks have been a blur. Ever since we came down sick in October, ehhh…the details are a little sketchy. I’ve been lucid for quite a while, but all this week Katie’s injury has kept my focus askew. It’s amazing how distracting the injury of your wife can be. [grin] She’s doing much better now, and in fact went back to work tonight. She came home with a slightly sore foot, but she’s well enough tonight to be looking forward to a go away party for Ben tomorrow.

As for me, life went alright this week. Had two reviews posted on Slashdot this week, both of them enjoyable to write. The first, on Wednesday, was a look at City of Heroes sister MMOG City of Villains. I’m stilling playing it with the old P.A.N.T.S. gang, so that says something. Flambe, on the Victory server, is my primary. I ran a dark Corrupter up to 14 before realizing that I really didn’t like those super powers. Flambe is a Fire/Fire Corrupter, and he’s loads of fun. And durn funny looking. My review today covered Quake IV and Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m basically convinced all the hardcore anti-Zonk trolls have gotten bored with me, because comments for my reviews lately have been mostly civil. I’m not complaining.

As a quick note, two interesting game-related news bits from this week. Child’s Play 2005 launched, kicking off my favorite yearly nerd charity. Video games for kids in hospice. Go, give money. More nerdily, 1up has a look at FFXII, the next chapter in the Final Fantasy series. Interesting stuff, and much appreciated after the long news drought.

My life outside of work lately has been night onto nonexistent, aside from gaming. Shackled City continues apace, with the players making short work of the second chapter. We’ve gotten several complimentary emails about the game and the wiki, one even from a designer on the project. The Tuesday SR game is getting in gear as well. Finished reading System Failure this week, the final SR3 sourcebook, and it has given me a lot of ideas to incorporate into the campaign. Yay for ideas!

We did manage to get out of the house a little this week. Family encounters was the excuse, with some time spent at the Giacominis to celebrate Pete’s 50th birthday (happy birthday, again, sir). We also had some dinner with my family and saw my aunt Marge, who was in the city on a short visit. Paul’s had some work-related issues of late, and it was interesting talking with him about his work environment. I keep trying to pin him down for some lunch downtown, but he travels so much nowadays that it’s a challenge. Like mother like son.

Katie and I are thinking of our own travels, somewhat neglected this year because of matrimonial obligations. Besides hopes to hit Europe (this thing called a honeymoon I’m told is popular), we have a wedding obligation for June. Mr. Feldman is tying the knot with lovely S.O. Kirstin, and we’ll be heading coast-ward to help a friend celebrate and repay the kindness of two wonderful people. We’re thinking that while we’re out there we might travel further down the coast and see Katie’s grandparents. No concrete plans yet, but we talked about it for the first time this week. We’ve got some time before we have to start that particular rock rolling, so I’m not overly concerned. More immediately, I’ve turned one of my favorite assets loose on Joe Rheaume’s bachelor party. I am already reasonably sure where we’re going and what we’re doing, which makes me a lot more prepared than I was for Brian’s event. I guess practice helps. For the record, though, I don’t *have* to be a groomsman for someone every year for the rest of my life. I’m always willing to lend a hand for friends getting married, but I don’t think it’s the law.

This weekend, I’m going to try and be somewhat more effective than I was last weekend. It was really nice to just relax, but I’m to busy getting old and dying to do that every weekend I have off of work. Specifically, I’m going to try and get ahead on a pair of reviews ( a pile of gaming books and Soul Calibur III). I also have an extracurricular writing project I want to jot down. I have a deadline on that one, and it is coming up faster than I’d like. Besides working, Ben’s going away party is tomorrow around noon. Brunchfast at the Davenports. Mmmm. Gaming as per the norm on Sunday, where hopefully Tarik’s Company will knock out the rest of Chapter Two.

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