Hallow’s End

November 2, 2005

Another Halloween come and gone with little to show for it. Despite the allure of costumes and candy, now that I’m feeling the approach of the grim reaper in my cartilage I can’t say that I do much of anything for my second favorite holiday.

I went to a party on Saturday, which was Funenstein. I arrived late, owing to the absence of my wife and my occupation with work and writing. Much talk of the events of the day, and some spoilerific discussions with Chuck McKenzie, Esq., about the Shackled City campaign. I’ve got some thoughts from someone who’s been there and done that as to where I might run into problems. Glad that I’ll be able to keep an eye out for these things.

Sunday was gloriously quiet. No game, so just me and the wife and some companionable puttering. We played a bit of City of Villains in the pre-launch head start quiet. It’s CoH with a goatee, and a little more polish. If you like CoH, you’ll like CoV.

Thanks for those of you who said good things to me about doing D&D stuff. I’m pulling my notes together for a two-fold attack on the WotC bastion. I’m going to submit something for the test, and I’ll try to toss out an adventure to Dungeon as well. We’ll see how it goes. If worse comes to worst I’ll just put them up here and be happy for some delicious content.

Shadowrun went well enough Tuesday night. Second session always goes better than the first, and we’ll just keep keeping on from there.

An interesting conversations with a public relations gent Tuesday during my shift will likely lead to something fun on the site later this week. Here’s hoping, anyway.

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