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October 25, 2005

This past weekend I finally passed out of the funk I’ve been in since I got sick around the 11th or so. Yes, this means for the most part I’ve spent October at less that full power. Yes, I’m not real happy about that. Most frustratingly … I don’t remember much of this month. Not cool.

Apparently I bribed the wags over at SpikeTV, though, because games.slashdot.org was one of the blogs tapped for an award. Hoo-ray. An award on a show that I think is an affront to everyone who likes games. I really wish I could remember this month. Maybe it’s all the Star Trek I watched while I was sick? Another thing to blame Spike for.
Thankfully my disease hasn’t stopped me from doing the really important things in life: playing games. On the electronic front, I’ve been hitting Black and White 2, the DS’s Castlevania debut, and Serious Sam 2. Oh, and that World of Warcraft thing too. Ahhhh … delicious mmogy crack. As you can see, BW2 is already reviewified, and the other two are slated for this week. My resurrection from the grave has made my muse a happy woman, and the words are flowing fairly well this week.

In the pen and paper world, I began another campaign last week, another Shadowrun game. We had our first real session this evening, and I tell you … 4th edition. We’re getting used to it, but it’s hard putting down all my 2nd/3rd edition hangups. It’s more than that, though. Augmented Reality is a sticky wicket to wrap your brain around. The many and defining ways in which an omnipresent Matrix would change society are still aspects of reality that I have to figure out for myself.

D&D-wise, Shackled City clips along at a brisk pace. We’re into the Second Chapter, and the players? Are getting intrigued. They’ve met some of the blue-bloods, and a beholder. Busy, busy players. We’re also fluttering between 1 and 4 on the Google search for the term “Shackled City”. Cuz we’re cool like that.

Reading-wise, Cleolinda’s long-form novel of some classic modern movies in M15M form arrived today. I’ve already devoured Jurassic Park, which is possibly one of my favorite terrible movies ever. So. Funny. I do so love you Cleolinda Jones. My wife has agreed, and you are now on my list. p.s.: do not tell my wife.

I’m also attempting another scaling of Mt. Quicksilver. The first book in the Baroque Cycle, a several thousand-page opus by Neal Stephenson, she is a daunting challenge. I ate up Cryptonomicon, but for some reason Quicksilver has eluded my three times now. I’m farther than I’ve ever been before, and I have high hopes that I’ll make it through all three infant-killer size novels.

All in all, back to reality. So nice not to be hacking and coughing every five minutes. Thanks for moving on, little virus. Don’t feel the need to write.

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