Hey Anthony! I Missed You

October 17, 2005

Finally! I’ve been watching No Reservations since the show began earlier this year, and generally speaking I’ve been not as pleased with it as I wanted to be. I really liked Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential”, and I was hoping the show would capture his asshole wit. Except for an interesting and introspective trip to Malaysia, the first few episodes felt very staged and didn’t have much of a punch to them.

I’m only 20 minutes into an episode with Tony in Las Vegas, and I’m singing a different tune. This is the Bourdain I wanted to see. Him and another cook talking shit about Vegas’ cheezy disneyfied present, mourning the loss of the Sinatra-tinged past, and managing to call his own show inane while smiling. He goes into why a talented chef would open up a restaurant in Vegas when he already has success elsewhere, and makes horrified faces at the Vegas interpretation of NYC. He listens to horror stories about the murder-filled past of the city while trying desperately to wring words out of his hands for an article based on his visit.

This is good stuff. Keep it up, Anthony.

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