Condition Stabilized

October 16, 2005

The worst part of an illness, for me at least, is the bit where it settles down in your chest. I’m all to aware of the deadliness of common maladies like the flu when they have the chance to squeeze your bronchial tubes a bit. The books and articles I’ve read about the 1920 pandemic are always very close to my mind when I’m lying on my back hacking like a 90-year old man.

Thankfully, my lungs are still mostly pink and squishy. I’m on the mend, for the most part, and the really important things in life (ie, gaming) should be unaffected. We’ve got Shackled City today, and a character generation session for Shadowrun 4th edition on Tuesday. *That* should be pretty interesting. None of us are going to be all that familiar with the rules system, and I’m going pretty loose with the story on this one. We’re only playing every other week, so I want to go more flavour than crunch. I’m hoping we’ll have fun.

This week is going to be hard. I’m two reviews behind, now, because for some reason I couldn’t write with my brains leaking out of my skull. I’m going to *try* to drop three reviews this week, if I can. I’m pretty much prepped to go on Black and White 2 and Castlevania, so if I can get Black and White written for Monday I should manage the rest of the week. That’s a big if, though. I’m still only at about 85% or so, and from 5pm to 10 I’ll be managing an unruly band of adventuring fools.

So, on top of my crappy health this week I received some annoying news. It appears I won’t be going to Texas this month. My credit card company finally got around to changing over my card (the company was purchased earlier this year), and with the changeover my airline-miles-purchased ticket was invalidated. Seems the blackout dates for the new company’s program are different than the dates for the old program, and as such if I wanted to use my ticket as it was purchased I would have had to pay for the privilege to the tune of $700. So no MMOG-talk for me this month.

Eh. I’m willing to give it up to the universe. It has been a long year already, and I have plenty to keep me busy for the rest of the fall.

To do my required product placement: this bout of illness was sponsored by Marvel Comics, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, World of Warcraft, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m so glad I worked out that marketing deal.

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