WTB Remove Disease PST

October 12, 2005

The outside world has once again intruded on my inside world, in the form of tiny germy warriors.

Katie came down with whatever this is on Monday, and I finally succumbed myself yesterday. Today,thankfully, she’s up and about and feeling much better. If the pattern holds true for me, I should be feeling human again tomorrow. At the moment, I’m about 65% or so. Strong enough to sit upright but only just. Euch.

I’m so glad I was feeling okay on Sunday, because I felt it was the best session to date. We’re starting to hit some of the awesome content that made me really look forward to this campaign.

I managed to stay conscious through Tuesday’s mainpage shift, but that’s about the only thing I’ve accomplished in the last 48 hours. More later after I make some more successful fort saves.

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