Ding 700

October 5, 2005

The days continue to slip past, and life is happily starting to look like something that can be guided by the reins again. (My analogy attempts to indicate that reality can throw you, too.)

Sunday’s long-ass gaming session was most fruitful. We finished up the first dungeon of the campaign, Jzadirune, and the players are now contemplating moving on the locale known as the Malachite Fortress. Who doesn’t like hobgoblins, I tell ya?

Despite a lot of hemming and hawwing, I managed to get my Dragonshard Review up today. Folks seem to be relatively pleased with it, which makes the tiny Michael inside me pleased.

I haven’t mentioned very often, but I’ve been exercising on the regular lately. Call it financial incentive. Princeton club is a nice place, but it’s fscking expensive. Membership there is the result of some prodding and assistance from my brother around the time of my wedding. Besides giving me something to do at night that doesn’t involve tubs o’ chicken, it made for a much less breathless Gen Con. It’s also increasingly making my clothes fit better. Or not fit, in the case my pant waist. Don’t expect to hear a lot about this particular bit o’ life, but I’m kind of pleased that I’m sticking with it. Go me.

I’ve been greatly enjoying my magazine writeups, but I’ve decided to scale back. Dungeon, Dragon, Play, and EGM will continue to get writeups. Game Informer is basically a marketing tool, and while it’s worth a skim through is hardly worth writing about. When I got a subscription to EGM, I was hooked up with a free subscription to OXM as well. OXM probably won’t even get mentioned again on this blog because…wow.

I will also, however, be writing about my newest subscription. I’ll admit it: I’m weak. I subscribed to Edge. Edge is probably the best gaming magazine I’ve ever read. If Play is a 3, and EGM is a 4, then Edge is easily a 5. It’s billed as a “gaming lifestyle magazine”, and unlike the other shitty rags that say they are, Edge actually is. Insightful commentary, interesting interviews, on-the-nail reviews: I should never have purchased the October issue from B&N. I was considering the subscription during the “Something from Japan” column. I was teetering during the GTA: Liberty City Stories preview, when the writer used a line from Jurassic Park in context. The thing what pushed me over the edge? (no pun intended) The “Perfect Game” story where the story and setting came from the SNES game Shadowrun. *squee* I’m weak.

Considering my recent post about Spidey, I find it wonderful that I’m playing the Ultimate Spider-Man Treyarch title this week. It’s fun. And good. Review on Friday. Next week looks to be shaping up for Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and mebbe Black and White 2. Or Sly 3. Not sure yet. Thwip.

Also! Shadowrun campaign starting next week. People making characters next Tuesday for a bi-weekly run in the early 2070s. Fourth Edition feeling the love.

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