Leaves Change and I Ruminate

September 30, 2005

In many ways, this week made up for the less than lusterful week I had leading up to my birthday. Last Friday, my Sims 2: Nightlife review was okay-ly accepted. Sunday night’s dinner was quite lovely, and I got some much appreciated presents from Katie’s family. Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed the whole “not doing stuff” thing that we haven’t had as many opportunities to do as we’d like lately.

Wednesday’s Poker night didn’t go as well as I would have liked, a nice accompaniment to the acceptance I got for my review of Burnout: Revenge. It’s funny, though. My frustrations with that review led to some cogitating about my writing style, and I tried a more loose tone in a piece on We Love Katamari. Yesterday and today, despite a lot of working, were pretty damn nice.

My life isn’t exciting. Wake up, have some breakfast, check in on the internets, put up some games story, play some games, read, write, sleep, repeat. I like it an awful lot, though. The last few days have been heightened appreciably by the weather, which has finally, finally, dropped down to balmy temperatures. I love the fall. The wind is brisk, the air is cool, and everything feels like possibilities.

Tonight we’ve been brushing up on the shenanigans of the crew of a certain Firefly class cargo ship, as tomorrow we’re going to go watch them in a full-length feature film. My goodness Joss Whedon makes good stories. Sunday, we’re going to be doing a lot of dungeon crawling. We’re starting at 2 and going for something like eight hours, with breaks only for foodstuffs. James Jacobs does good stories too.

A lot of the late year plans have been starting to come together, now that the mountain that was our wedding has been scaled. Looks like I’ll be going to Texas at the end of October, breaking my twenty-five year streak of not having ever done that. It’s for a good cause, though. The Austin Game Conference is the MMOG development conference to check out if you’re into such things. At least, that’s the plan. Later that weekend will be the annual Halloween party, so boo on that. The Whately game (the last one for a while apparently) session that I’ll be attending is going to be on November 5th … the month in which the Xbox 360 launches. Interesting times indeed.

My revelation (such as it is) about my writing is simply that, for the most part I have the actual writing down. I need to put more of me into my writing. I tried to do that with Katamari, and I think it went alright. Thiscoming week will be reviews for Dragonshard and Ultimate Spider-Man.

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