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September 19, 2005

Back to the grind on the games page today, and this week overall. This is going to be a very busy fall and winter for me, with lots of worthwhile releases to look at and this little thing called the Xbox 360 to take a look at. Last Friday I put up an editorial about the Revolution’s possibilities, and this week should see three reviews. The first one is already up, and you can take a look at my opinion of Darkwatch. Wednesday should see another shortish review about Sims 2: Nightlife. Friday’s piece will discuss Burnout: Revenge, which is a lot of fun. The third game may have been moreso…I haven’t decided yet. Revenge definitely gives some clues as to what we can expect on Microsoft’s next gen hardware. Lots of interesting UI choices and visual bits.

This weekend went past quickly. Watched “A Knight’s Tale”, the football/knight movie that is very, very bad. Very. It was okay though, because the De Smets made french onion soup, which was tasty. Yesterday’s game went well, I think. It was our first all-dungeoncrawling session; the group is moving at a good pace and showing good teamwork. Here’s hoping we can keep it up.

Otherwise, the only things on my plate are birfday stuffs. Thursday I’m having dinner with the fam, Saturday we’re having folks over for funnery after a showing of Corpse Bride, and Sunday is dinner with the in-laws. (As an aside, I apparently now have a subscription to the Official Xbox Magazine. I don’t know why. Did someone sign me up? Did I? I don’t remember. It’s tough getting old.)

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