Echoes From My Own Mouth

September 15, 2005

While I was catching up on Slashdot’s stories from yesterday, I ran across Google’s Blog Search, and started poking around with it.

Imagine my surprise when I found a citation of me that I didn’t recognize. A Reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted me in an article entitled Too Lazy To Play The Game? He contacted me through Roblimo a few months back for some background on the whole MMOG secondary market thing. I had no idea he’d gone ahead and written the article, or I would have given him more coherent quotables. Either way, amusing.

The Blog search also brought up the To Fool or Not To Fool article that The Game Blog wrote earlier this year about fake news on 04/01, where I was quoted about Slash’s all-fakes all the time policy.

Crazy to have your own talking come back at you from out in the wide world.

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