Wicked Nintendogs

September 14, 2005

We have returned safely from the land of tall buildings and angry drivers. For the record, 5pm is not the best time of day to attempt to leave the city. Thankfully, it was worth it. The musical was very good, and we both enjoyed the experience. We had a quick lunch beforehand at the Renaissance Hotel, in the Great Street Restaurant. Unassuming and not bad for a hotel restaurant.

While we were southward, another review of mine went up on Slashdot. Nintendogs got a few moments in the sun, though in a more relaxed tone than I usually adopt. It’s not really a game, see. Putting a score on it would be counter-intuitive, or so went my thought. Seems like it was well received, too. Always gratifying.

I have four lovely days of normalcy stretching before me. Nothing like cheating death to make you appreciate going to work.

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