The Distance Between Madison And Cauldron

September 13, 2005

Last week seemed ridiculously long. I don’t know why, but there it is. It might have been because of the anticipation of Sunday, our first real session of the SC game. It might have been because of the incredibly ensaddening news that flew at me left and right all week. I’m not really sure, but last week left me exhausted and sad yesterday.

To back up though, on Saturday the 3rd the De Smets had us over for some wine and cheese. Nummy. There was even an option that smelled like feet, and tasted like it too. So you know it was a good party. Last Monday some spontaneous gaming was had, with Labor Day train gaming the order of the day. We played Iron Dragon, a fantasy crayon train game. I trailed for part of the game, but eventually managed a transcontinental railroad that usually netted me about 50 gold pieces per run. We ended the game soon after I finished this section of track, and I think I was a shoo-in to win if we’d kept going. Lots of fun.

The week itself passed in a haze of Katrina reports, Supreme Court idiocy, and work. Lots of work. I’ve been on duty for 78 of the last 120 hours. It’s been an extended version of the Zonk show, but I’m happy to say that I had not a single dupe and most of the stories were relatively well received. Last Friday I also had a review up of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, which was not universally peed on. So that’s good.

Sunday’s first real session of the Shackled City game went very well. The Players were very much on task and cut through the chewy plot to the meaty dungeon center like finely honed plot eaters. Or something. Anyway, they had fun and they’re about ankle deep in their first dungeon. Thiscoming Sunday should be the first all-crawling session, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow Katie and I are heading to the city of Chicago for lunch and a showing of the musical “Wicked”. My mother bought us tickets as birthday presents, cuz she rocks, and we’re seeing the 2pm matinee at the Chinese Theatre downtown. I mention this not only for posterity, but in case the horrible city of Chicago eats us alive someone will know where to look for us.

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