GITS: SAC Disc 2

September 8, 2005

The Honeymoon is over. The first disc was good, but does the concept survive another four episodes? Hell yes. GITS has now completely joined Cardcaptor Sakura and Bebop as modern anime series that I can get behind. I think I’m going to have to go looking for more. I forgot how much I love this art form. But anyway, the second disc.


The story begun in the first disc (and likely to continue in future episodes) of the Laughing Man hacker continues. The team tracks the hacker down, but not before he can transmit what appears to be a set of memetic instructions across the city. Wave after wave of infected net-users throw themselves at a military general involved in some shady deals, and Kusanagi kicks ass for order. These episodes were moody and slightly confusing… the core of what they’re going for with this series.


A drug lord with more than just nine lives seems to avoid assassination after assassination…which is weird until they figure out that he’d been xoxing himself in a facility on the outskirts of Japan. Xoxing, or making brain-taped copy clones of himself, is a great transhumanist idea. I really like that they’re using memetics and concepts like xoxing as core plot elements in this show. If you’ve never read Transhuman Space before, that game setting has a lot of the same intellectual forbearers as this show.


After some of the heavier episodes on this disc, I was happy to see them taking a lighter look at the dark urban setting they’ve set up for themselves. Some idiot med students start stealing organs and selling them on the black market as alternatives to synthetics and vat-grown options. Section 9 gets involved because they think it could be the work of an international organ-legging group (ala Tamanous in Shadowrun). Once they find out that it’s just a couple of scared kids, they have some fun at their expense. Which involves tanks.

I cannot adequately express how happy I am with this show. They’ve taken all of the best parts of the movie and manga and updated them through a new, fresher vision of the future, blending in transhumanist idea with the Masamune art style.

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