I Have Art On My Walls

September 2, 2005

A favorable week, all around.

Under the gaze of the new art we put up during our cleaning marathon, Wednesday’s chargen session went as smoothly as I’d hoped. Everyone whipped up their characters in sufficient time so as to allow a quick foray into the gameworld. The notes from the first mini-session are already up, annotated and collectivated at the Shackled City Wiki. I really feel like this campaign is going to be special. The plot is interesting, the players are excited, and the GM is determined. Even if it ends up sucking it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Last night my fam came over for some chinese food and conversation, in celebration of my brother’s 23rd birthday. Happy Day again, Paul, and congrats on surviving to your 23rd year. We had a load of family last night, as we then went over to Katie’s folks place to hang out a little bit and say goodbye to Katie’s brother who returns to college this weekend. Luck to you, sir.

Today’s been a workish day, as always. I had a review of Dungeon Siege II up on Slashdot today. Apparently the userbase felt the need to repay me for the kindness they gave with my Gen Con Writeup and Kirby Review, because they laid into me but good. Hey trolls: If you’re reading this in your mother’s basement, please realize something. Sitting as I am in my golden tower built with the money I earned from Roland Piquepaille kickbacks, it’s kind of hard to hear you down there.

Tomorrow I head DeSmetlandward, for a wine and cheese extravaganza. I need to pick up some tastyness tomorrow on the way there, because the outrageous gas prices made the cheddar I wanted to buy for the event too expensive to consider. Mmmm…..Cheese.

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