Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

August 31, 2005

Harry Potter. Kid. Bespectacled. Fated.

The fourth book in the series was the first book where, in all honesty, I began to understand Pottermania. Goblet of Fire has a number of elements that finally open up the wizarding world to folks who have read the previous books. The wizarding outlook on muggles, and the steps they take to get around them, is explored thoroughly at the Quidditch cup. Interactions between various factions in the wizarding world are also pretty interesting to see, with the Death Eaters, giants, Ministry, etc getting fleshed out and explained.

Character growth was mostly enjoyable, too. I could have done without some of the whining around the dance, but overall I was pleased by where the characters went. Harry was a good deal less goofy in this book, and Hermione was pretty kickass. And Ron was there.

What really umphed my opinion of this book over the line to true enjoyment was, indeed, the last few chapters. I finished the tome last night, and I’ll sheepishly admit that when I started in on the Third Task I still had over a hundred pages to go. After a certain point, though, I realized I couldn’t stop reading OMG Cedric!

Those last few chapters really made the book for me. Finally, some of the deep details of this setting are becoming available, and what exactly went on lo those many years ago come to light. While I was certainly willing to continue reading the series before I finished this book, the gripping ending has completely put me in the mood to press on into book 5.

*sigh* Let the whining commence.

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