An Organized Abode And An Era Begins

August 30, 2005

We’ve finally gotten the apartment into some semblance of order. The month leading up to the wedding and the trip to the con of cons meant that our home and castle was in dissaray when we returned to it. Thankfully some elbow grease over the last week has gotten us to a good place. We’re going to hang some art and do some last minute tidying today, and we should be ready to recieve visitors again. :)

Just in time, because tomorrow night we’re having people over to make characters for the Shackled City campaign. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to do introductions in addition to actually making the characters, but either way it’s a kickoff to a game I’ve been anticipating running for more than a year now. Thursday we’re hosting my family for a birthday occasion. My brother turns 23 tomorrow, and to celebrate we’re going to do chinese food and hanging out at “the married couple’s place”. Plus they want to see our loot. Annnnd Saturday is a Wine and Cheese get-together at the De Smet’s place. Back to the social season, I guess.

Later this week: Dungeon Siege II review.

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