Being Alone But Not By Yourself Rules

August 26, 2005

Katie and I have been blissfully and tremendously by ourselves for the last few days. As our friends and family (I hope) know, we love them dearly. Every once in a while, though, you need some time to yourself. So! Other than working this week, we’ve been working on getting our lives back to the norm. I’ve been pulling my normal shifts this week, and have pants Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Content for the games page has been flowing wonderfully, and judging by the releases for the next few months, as long as I stay focused I should be doing one original piece a week for quite a while.

Next week I should have a review of Dungeon Siege II (early commentary: very competent hack n’ slash) and some of the RPG tomes release this summer, including SR4.

Brian’s already been thanked many times, but I’d like to do it again in my own little public forum. Brian De Smet was instrumental in getting myself and 12 other people to Indy and back last weekend, and I wouldn’t have had that (fairly well received) piece to put up on Slashdot Tuesday without his help. Thanks, man.

Monday we pretty much laid low, and then hit dinner at Outback (the girl wanted steak). Eva and Alan joined us very impromptu, and we ended up playing a game of Gloom at their place. Sort of funny and an interesting way to kill an hour or so. Quick concept: Each player represents a melancholy family. You want all of your family members to die, miserable and alone. Players play cards that make family members happy on other families, and cards that make your family members sad on your own folks. The first to off their family ends the game, and points are tallied up for all sadnesses on the board. Most points win. Cards are see-through (ala Hecatomb), with points lined up in specific areas of each card. Thusly, cards placed on top of old cards overwrite the old point modifier. The see-through surface (for the most part) allows you to keep track of what is going on. Not sure about the replayability, because once the joke’s been told I’m not sure it would still be funny. I’d probably play at least one more time, but the low printing quality of the cards (basically a poor print job on transparency sheets) would make frequent play not only boring but destructive.

The magazine rundowns are almost over. I have three more mags sitting on my stack. (A lot got queued up because of Wedding/Gen Con.) It’s funny, I started doing this because Dragon wasn’t really that interesting and Game Informer was pretty mediocre. I figured I’d have fun ragging on the rags. Much to my surprise, Dungeon and Dragon have gotten really good, and EGM is actually sublime. Regardless, chronicling them here on the site are a good reason to make sure I read through them, which I’m not sure I would do otherwise.

Tomorrow is a dual-party day. Katie’s cousin Noah has his one year b-day, and Abby turns older. Luckily, they mostly don’t overlap so we’ll be able to go to both. Yay for things working out.

Shackled City Character Generation is on September 1st. Break out your popcorn, kids. It’s going to be a good show.

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