The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction Demo

August 23, 2005

I picked up a demo disc for the Hulk game at Gen Con, and just now had the chance to work through it. All that they had on the disc was a simple level where you move the Hulk against some police and military forces, just enough of a “game” to play with the controls and get a feel for what it must be like. They’ve stripped the serial numbers off of Spider-Man 2 most admirably, with the same open-ended world feel you get in Spidey on top of a destructible world environment.

Hulk’s strength really is impressive. Slamming a car into a row of blocking police vehicles, ripping off the top of a tank and throwing at a helicopter, and collapsing a building on top of a suit of mechanized armor are all options you have available to you. Once you really get the mean green machine going, he achieves a sort of fury mode, where he does even more damage and can do cool special moves like slamming the ground to cause tremor damage, or slapping his hands together to make a shockwave.

I think I’m going to be getting this via Gamefly, because like Spidey I don’t see the long-term playability there. It’s sure going to be fun in the meantime, though.

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