What’s A Pastamancer?

August 22, 2005

Any thoughts you may have about the male gender being nerdier than the female gender should be quickly dispelled by this post at Cleolinda’s blog.

From the post: “You absolutely have to equip the Wand of Nagamar. The third part of the battle requires this to win. I equipped the furry suit (furry pants and wolf mask) all three times. I equipped an acid-squirting flower all three times, because it’s the only item I know of that damages your opponent every time you take a hit. (Any buffs or effects, such as the similar elemental saucesphere, will be stripped off when you start fighting.) The pastamancer got two kickback cookbooks equipped, because for some reason she’s got a really good amount of HP/MP and didn’t need any help there. At first I put an amulet of extreme plot significance on the sauceror, because she’s got crap HP, but really, you need the kickback cookbooks to make a dent in the Sorceress. Really, you need three, but seriously, I ended up taking the bitch down three acid-soaked points at a time.”

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