Sunday, The Tomb That Seems Familiar

August 21, 2005
  • Make decision early in the day to skip my last event in favour of hanging out with the girl.
  • As I have every Gen Con, I take in one of the WoTC Dungeon Delves. Katie and I take on the role of adventurers doing a favour for an archmage deep in a dungeon. Despite my setting off a trap in basically the first room, we survive through three rooms before we run out of time in the middle of a fight with a Golem. As the first party to survive to the end of the event’s run for Sunday, we get to put our names up on a board.
  • Hecatomb was released at this convention. Using a see-through plastic card technique somewhat like Gloom, Hecatomb is a fight between summoners. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You summon creatures who you use as proxies in battles with other summoners. You tap them to attack, and use a manapool to summon the creatures. Not a total Magic ripoff, though. The plastic cards can be overlapped to form huge abominations, and new foulnesses. Mana is drawn from random cards, and not land.
  • Managed to catch Christopher Perkins’ ear, and talk some Shackled City. He didn’t have much to offer in specific, but what he did have to say was well seen. So looking forward to the game.
  • Took advantage of a “1000 Magic Cards for $10” Sunday deal at a skeazy dealer. 1/4 of the rationale: a desire to play Magic again at some point. 3/4 of the rationale: a secret plan to use the cards during the SC campaign.
  • Katie and I made it to the True Dungeon Puzzle Reveal just before it began, and I was glad I was able to be there. Some interesting tidbits were handed out. Only 40% of the teams made it to the final rooms, and of those, only 20% made it out of the dungeons alive.
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