Friday, Wherein I Turn Undead

August 19, 2005

Friday is the best busy day at the con, because the freak out factor of Saturday still has yet to arrive. I had a very pleasant Friday, partially because I never once made it to the Hall.

  • Paranoia XP
    • Team Tango (Red Troubleshooter Team) assigned mission to obtain Ultraviolet Toothbrush
    • Lots of Death and Merriment
    • I got promoted to Orange soon into the mission and quickly became a Target.
    • Ended up dying four times: 1.) Shot in dark elevator, 2.) Shot by Crazy Hygenist 3.) Shot from behind by Brian. 4.) Shot while attempting to kill a yellow (which I did anyway).
    • Had my Clone line deleted during the debrief for stealing an Ultraviolet Toothbrush.
  • True Dungeon
    • Notes pending end of the convention.
    • Last minute change to Cleric from Fighter
    • a lot of anxiety about prayer beads
    • used a mneumonic
      • Ribs of Grace
      • Turtleshell of Devotion
      • Pip of Piety
      • Conch of Courage
      • Flowers of Kindness
      • Fat C’s of Charity
      • Mighty Ms of Strength
      • Flowers of Love
      • Mighty Ms of Fortitude
      • Fabriege Egg of Faith
      • D20 of Truth
      • Dark D20 of Honor
      • Explosion of Zeal
    • Room 1: Crypts in the walls. Some trapped, all with bardic symbols, bard loots some crypts. Nicked by a trap. Gas avoided narrowly by giving the dog a found bone.
    • Room 2: Moving Wall trap, no luck with lock. We take damage and get pushed to next part of the room. We reveal a stained glass window underneath a bearskin. A shadow attacks. I turn undead, we strike and dispatch the creature with minor damage. We don’t get a chance to fully explore the room before we have to move on.
    • Room 3: A corridor with a hook to the left. We enter the next part of the room and are attacked by an efreeti. We defeat it relatively quickly with some good hits. The well it is summoned from is labeled with N/S/E/W. We explore the prior corridor, find a hidden door. Rogue disarms a trap on one of three chests, we obtain some loot before time moving on.
    • Room 4: A low table with four spheres, suspended by electrical energy. Very generous GM. A cryptic puzzle on the wall. A chalice in the center of the room, supposed to place a ball in the chalice. Every wrong ball results in damage. We finally get the color. We were supposed to note a faint odor of rose on one of the balls, ties in with previous clues. Scent too faint to notice. We heal and move on.
    • Room 5: Many doors with symbols over them, represent chess piece moves. Enter doors onto a large chess board. Clue across the way with words sees, seen underlined. Stands for South/East/East/South. Paladin figures it out. I am the farthest West, so use the combo to move across the board. An orb on a table makes me feel protected. We start to use the orb to cross the board, but can’t get everyone across before time runs out. Everyone still on the board takes damage and we move on.
    • Room 6: Room presents us with a door and a sprung trap. The sign above the door says “There are 1002 ways to leave this room.” We enter the room and a multi-limbed serpent golem wakes. We fight it and defeat it in a combat where we take no damage. Every member of the party participates, I manage to kill it with a critical mace hit to the head. Several doors with statements over them. We leave through the one labeled “One ought not to leave via this exit.” We are the winners.
    • Room 7: We relay the shape of a rune to a team running through the “above” dungeon. I do it, and repeat the shape several times. Final puzzle is 7 metal squares arranged around a central mirror. Metal plates have symbols on them, a sun, a moon, etc. My deity touched my mind and reminds me of a calendar. We realize the plates need to represent the days of the week (Sunday, Moonday, Wodansday, etc.) We get the solution, but can’t get the plates up and in the right order before time expires. We all are pulled into the mirror and die.
    • More fun than not, interesting but approachable puzzles. Will definitely do it again next year.
  • Keelhauled ADD Pirate Show
    • Stand-up Pirates
    • Sean Connery as Darth Ramirez and Obi-Bond
    • Pictionary: Fucking Quack, Penis-shaped Smurf House
    • Screwing with the Audience
    • Called Katie and I up based on a photo Brian’s been handing out. “On the Orders of our Pastor”.
  • Age of Mythology
    • Not supposed to rent, did anyway
    • Very RTS
    • Resources: Permenant Actions, Random Actions deck
    • Build up armies, whack em’ down
    • Victory points from the win conditions.
    • I won.
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