Thursday or How I Got A Lesson In Bluffing Ogres

August 18, 2005

Thursday at the con of cons is always a treat. Everything is open and there are usually some good events, but the press of humanity that Friday and Saturday bring has yet to arrive. I had a good day, which will be fleshed out in more detail. For now, my notes for the day:

  • Mage The Awakening
    • 8+ = Success
    • Simple Mechanics all the rage
    • Mortals trying to shoot an indie film in a junk yard
    • Intended TPK
    • Last one alive awakens
    • Voting for Loot
    • “Best” moves on to next round
    • Mostly just the most talkative.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
    • Real Time Traps
    • “Pipes” live puzzle
    • D&D lite, engaging combat
    • Interactable Environments
    • Not much to do in town yet
  • Starcraft: Ghost
    • Obviously Demotastic
    • A little jaggie
    • interesting environments
    • Lots of Starcrafty elements
    • mediocre combat mechanics
    • simple stealth and action tactics
    • Looking forward to final version
  • Bought
    • Serenity the RPG
    • OOTS 1 and 2
    • Chronicles Comic
    • Homeland Comic 1 and 2
  • Eberron Seminar
    • Voyage of the Golden Dragon
    • Player’s Guide to Eberron
    • Magic of Eberron
    • Orb of Xoriat (novel)
    • Seekrit Fire Giant Book (ask Chris Perkins about that)
  • Mexica
    • Build Canals, wall off districts
    • Move pawns to districts to claim them, use buildings to hold them
    • holding with buildings for the mid and high end game scoring more important than claiming a district.
  • Tigris and Euphrates
    • Mix of Acquire and Diplomacy
    • Land management, combine resources into civilizations
    • Resources and Leaders defend from external threats
    • Temples and Leaders defend from internal threats
    • Don’t care about individual civilizations
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