The Open Road Makes Me Grumpy

August 17, 2005

A long trip does not so nice things to one’s freshness, attitude, and tolerance for humanity. Despite a sour mood, we made it to Indy in one piece. Dinner tonight was lovely. Buca Di Beppo’s never fails to bring us the tastyness and friendly atmosphere. The only oddities were the waitstaff and several onlookers wishing myself and Katie a happy honeymoon.

Any annoyance with Brian about that would dissolve later. Before we got to that, though, we had to go through some extreme unpleasantness. We arrived back at our hotel room to find that our lock didn’t work. At all. In order to gain access to our room, you merely had to use the handle. The battery was replaced, giving us a respite for one night, with promises to address the situation in the morning. Annoyances with the staff’s handling of the event was ammeliorated by an incredibly sweet gesture from our traveling companions. We found a bottle of champagne, a bag of Milano cookies and a box of Cheez-its waiting for us once we’d gotten into our room proper. With the goodies was a printer-paper card with one of our wedding photos. The inside had a lovely message from our friends, and was signed by everybody involved.

The champagne, the love of our dear friends, and a mediocre Disney movie saw us throught the night. To those folks who hooked us up: Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. It meant more than words could ever express.

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