Puffin Eating Bastard

August 3, 2005

Tuesday allowed me the luxury of getting caught up on some Tivo while I was doing my /. shift. In particular, I enjoyed watching two of the shows even now listed under my “Watching” block on the left sidebar. Anthony Bourdain and Cash Peters are both wacky guys, in very different ways.

Bourdain, who wrote the book Kitchen Confidential, is a loudmouth asshole. This comes across very well in his book, but less so in his show. The production crew obviously sets stuff up ahead of time, people for him to “encounter”. This obviously pre-planned style undercuts his whole ‘not a tourist’ shtick a little bit. The second episode that I’ve watched now, at least, got more to the root of his appeal. Him, drunk (again), in a room full of Mayors making fun of them eating goat testicles. And eating puffin. Much more interesting.

The appeal of Cash Peters, on the other hand, is that he’s a generally likeable guy. He sounds sort of like the fifth Beatle, and has a quirky sense of humor. He’s also afraid of things, like any self respecting human should be. Bungie jumping in Queensland, not so much. He did, however, luge in a sort of dry-ish version of the traditional winter sport. Him riding down the hill on his butt with this Queensland guy haranguing him the entire way was entirely entertaining.

Today Katie and I ran our fool heads off doing errands. Food is set, Cake is set, Olbrich and Flowers will be set tomorrow. We went downtown to try to snag our Marriage certificate, but it was not to be. Not only did we have the gall to show up an entire 2 minutes after 4pm, but Katie’s birth certificate was merely a notarized and official copy, not a notarized and official original copy. We are truly horrible people. So we have to do it again tomorrow…bastards took my $.45 for parking and I get nothing back.

I’ve kicked over, for the time being, into a favorite coping mechanism: Gaming. Finally, after months of waiting, the hardcover Shackled City tome has arrived. With its voyage to my home complete, preparations for the campaign are now briskly underway. Expect that sub-blog to become much more active in the near future.

I’m not going to consider the part where, given that I’m looking down the barrel of a Wedding that has taken months to plan and execute, I’d rather be facing the horrors of the Underdark than think about it.

On that note, 11 days and counting.

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