I’m On An Adventure!

July 26, 2005

Right. So.

Yesterday was quite the experience. Driving Katie to work in the afternoon, in the pouring rain, we ran over a truck tire and destroyed my front right tire. Didn’t realize that until we left the place we had lunch and the car spasmed and groaned from almost riding the rim. A friendly tow service assisted me in getting the spare on, and an even friendlier service center got me new tires and back on the road today.

I also thought I’d lost my cell at one point last night, but turns out I’d just left it in the car. Thank the maker.

Yuck. So, about $200 later and I’m all set. No lives lost, no children stepped on. Still, I could have used without that particular Monday excitement.

Tonight I’m finishing up my Kirby Canvas Curse review, and mentally preparing myself for the bachelor party this weekend. I have no idea what I’ll be doing. I’m sure I will be afeared.

My bro is also back in town, once again a U.S. native after his long stint in Japan. Hopefully I’ll get to see him this week before Saturday.

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