Play Magazine – August 2005

July 21, 2005

In an effort to justify my existance and do justice to the magazines I recieve in the mail each month, I’m going to make an effort to jot down impressions from each sack of paper as I work through them.

Play’s visual style was what made me pull an issue off the shelf about a year ago, but some kind words as regards their editorial staff and writing skills made me a subscriber. August’s issue has Darkwatch on the cover, a console FPS with vampires. Their coverage actually made me slot the thing into my Gamefly queue. Previous to their article I had written the game off as a cookie cutter wanna-be. Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion it still is a cookie cutter wanna-be, but now I’m intrigued enough to find out.

A nice look at Sly 3 makes me smile, gotta love that racoon. A 6.5 for Kirby’s Canvas Curse makes me curious about the sanity of the reviewer. Nothing in their preview gallery that is coming out on this generation of hardware looks even vaguely interesting. A one-page on the next Hulk game reminds me to queue that up, and a Burnout Revenge interview makes me roll my eyes at a mention of Bad Boys II. I am looking forward to the game, though. An interview with Firor about Imperator just makes me sad. Another MMO in the dustbin…what a waste.

Not a bad issue. We’ll see what Darkwatch is like.

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