GITS: SAC Disc 1

July 21, 2005

Finally, after a long time holding it off as a sweet treat for myself, I’ve begun the trek along the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex trail. The first disc doesn’t do a lot of explanation, which is excellent, as it allows the plot to just pick up and take off. The plot within the first few episodes is excellent standard GITS. Rogue thinking tanks, killer sex cyborgs, android suicide and brain hacking are the order of the day. Mmmm…crunchy science fiction to offset the sweet flavour of fantasy I’m getting from H. Potter.

I was completely impressed with most aspects of the show, from the quality of the animation to the voice acting to the character design. The fuchikomas are also ridiculously cute, and entirely appreciated. I’m really looking forward to continuing my relationship with this series.

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