Game Informer – August 2005

July 21, 2005

This month’s GI promises talk on the big ape. I open the mag to find an ad full of sleeping people ‘resting up’ for Madden 06. Whatever. GISpy offers up a photo of Doug Lombardi and a fake weapon. This was prior to the EA announcement, so I bet that explains the pleased look on his face. There are three one-page pieces on the next-gen consoles, each filled with feh inducing revelations. Ken Kutaragi is just as crazy in print as he comes off on the internet. In the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, they list as ‘Good’ that Blizz mentioned they’re working on an expansion. I’ve known that for over a year. How is that news? A advertising exec from an outside company has an editorial entitled ‘The Graying of Super Mario America’. Not completely off-base, and reminds me of my 30-something friends.

The cover article is alright. They go into the background of the original Cooper and Schoedsack film, and discuss how the creator of Beyond Good and Evil hooked up with Peter Jackson. They’re going for a very visceral FPS experience, with occasional breaks for 3rd person Kong action. The First person will have no HUD and very realistic environment interactions, the Third person will let you break Rex jaws in half. Their description of the plot of the game as ‘staying close to the script’ is disappointing. I would have hoped that the success of the Spider-Man 2 game would have inspired movie-based game developers to stretch beyond the source material. Still worth a look, I think, if only for the chance to kick some Rex tail.

They have a spread on the Xbox port of Half-Life 2, going into some detail on game concept translation and graphics. Their optimization of the Source engine to the console’s hardware is an interesting thought, with the amount of streaming they’ll have to do. It brings to mind the possibility of future Source games native to an MS console, which is an encouraging thought. I don’t see how they’re going to handle headcrabs faithfully, though. A two page ‘Bod’ body fragrance ad make me nauseous. A preview of Marvel Nemesis kills any interest I had in the title. I note that Dirge of Cerberus will be an FPS-like experience in the FFVII world, and wonder about Squenix’s sanity. Next Sims 2 expansion is in September. I’m sure Katie will be pleased. The next Castlevania looks interesting enough to queue up, and the look they have at the next Tomb Raider title raises the hope that it won’t suck. Five bucks says SW: Empire at War will suck. A too-kind review for Conker and BF2 is balanced out for a respectable score for Kirby. A developer’s-side look at the just released Halo 2 maps and a retrospective on Richard Garriot’s work on the Ultima series are great pieces for the anchor leg.

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