You Have To Think Fourth Dimensionally

July 13, 2005

A month from now, it will be after midnight on the day I’m going to get married.

That’s quite a thought.

Katie’s asked me if I’m nervous about the whole thing, and I am…but not because of commitment or anything silly like that.

Hell, we’re living together, right? We’ve lived together for almost two years now. I have a blog entry around here somewhere where I say how happy I am to be living with my girl. And, while I know that things do change when you get married, for us all the mental and emotional links are already there. I’ll be just as committed to the pixie on August 14th as I am today. You go to the emergency rooms enough times with a person and you tend to consider yourself committed.

So why am I nervous? The Fourth Dimension.

Our marriage represents something. It’s a significant event, and not only for Katie and I. It is possible because we’re “grown up”. We’re both graduated from college and have jobs that we enjoy. It’s possible because our parents raised us, and raised us well. It’s possible because our friends have supported us and had our backs for the past 8-odd years. It’s possible because our species evolved from a great ape, which is in turn was the result of the spontaneous generation of life on our planet because of a chance meeting of amino acids in some stagnant pond.

That’s a lot to bear on a guy’s shoulders as he ponders the union of two families. Here’s hoping the Fourth Dimension treats us well.

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