PAX Does Not Mean Peace

July 10, 2005

Busy weekend. Saturday I had the humans over to watch the DVD set the Penny Arcade gents had made up for the 2004 Penny Arcade Exposition. The three DVD set has performances from MC Frontalot, The Minibosses, Optimus Ryhme, as well as a great medley of Final Fantasy compositions performed on piano by Conney Linn. It also has a Q and A session from the boyz about this and that, and a Flash CTS cartoon. The Minibosses concert is far and away the best thing on the set, as they kick. The Q&A is excellent as well, marred by a serious problem that plagues the entire set. The sound setup left a big something to be desired. None of the question askers were micced during the session, so we’re left to guess what Gabe and Tycho are talking about when they initially respond to a query. There aren’t any questions during the event that are impossible to figure out, but it’s still sorta frustrating.

This sound issue crops up everywhere, with the Optimus Ryhme and Frontalot sets becoming almost unwatchable because of the poor sound quality. Conney Linn’s performance is beautiful, and thanks to the quiet in the audience is mostly enjoyable…except for the couple of guys talking over the concert behind the camera every once in a while. Still and all, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Much was made of my DS and Warioware, Alan and Ben played Go (match to Alan), and I passed on a creepy Conker doll that MS gave me with the game to Joe and Abby. The boys brought snacks, and one of the bits they brung was Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Get a load of the instructions. What are they planning for me?

Today Katie and I headed southeasterly to the Bristol Ren Faire. We had a grand time, despite the warm weather and massed crowds. This was the first expotition that I was able to employ my new camera on, and as a result the Summer 2005 picture gallery is now more interesting to look at. On the way back we had an unfortunately experience as I became ill behind the wheel of the car as a result of (we think) food poisoning from some faire Garlic Mushrooms. Ewww.

More wedding junk to clear up this week. Excepting the fact that I work next weekend, this is the last non-busy weekend before I get hitched. Weekend after next is a LAN party at Brian’s folks, the weekend after that is my bachelor party, and then we’re into August.

A year and a half goes by faster than one would think.

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