Board But Not Bored

July 10, 2005

Been a pretty good week, all around. We are on top of the wedding situation. Work was okay, got some writing done, and had the chance to play some board games.

Arkham Horror, Second Edition – The second ed. of the Lovecraftian idea of a night-time stroll is very cool. It’s a co-op game wherein you and a bunch of your least ichthyoid compatriots attempt to seal gates into the unknowable spaces without also becoming Byakhee chow. Like all experiences with the Lovecraft Mythos, it is extremely challenging. They took some of the stuff from the first edition, and made it more fiddley. The new trend in games appears to be to make more little pieces rather than to make a nice chart or table to explain the situation. Which is fine…except if you live on earth and have limited space inside which to play the game and also keep your stuff. I enjoyed Arkham Horror and I look forward to playing it again. The first run was very much a learning experience, and I look forward to trying it again with a deeper understanding of the game. Just wish they’d thought to give us a flowchart.

Shadows Over Camelot – The Days of Wonder board game re-envisions the Arthurian legend with one part history, one part fantasy, and one part blackhearted treachery. Another co-op game (Note to game designers: I love me some co-op.), you work together as the Knights of the Round in order to push back the invading hordes, the Black Knight, and a Dragon. You also go on epic quests for the Grail and Excalibur, ensuring that your crewe has the mad skills needed for the final push to victory. The folks who bought it at Origins lost their first game, but with a group of seven people we defeated it relatively soundly. One of the more interesting parts, the role of the traitor, was not incorporated in the game we played because they suggested winning it once withouth his “assistance” first. It was great working together for the freedom of ye olde Camelot, and I look forward to trying it with a blackhearted knave amongst us. Shadows Over Camelot. Kill some Picts today!

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