War of the Worlds

July 9, 2005


What a truly terrible film.

I would write up a long, involved commentary on the thing, but it’s just not worth the time.

A bullet point list will be more effective.

– The rush of the movie into production was completely obvious. The film needed at least one more round of editing and pick-ups filmed before it would flow well. Scenes ended abruptly and without purpose.

– There wasn’t a single likeable character in the entire film. Ever since John Carpenter’s Vampires, I’ve had a huge problem dealing with films where I don’t care if the main characters live or die. None of the actors manage to evoke even the slightest sympathy from me, despite the terrors and such that the story evokes.

– On the subject of characters it is telling when Tim Robbin, playing a scary old hermit, is the most interesting person to watch during the course of the film.

– They took the book, the radio films, and like six other really violent s/f movies, blended them up, and poured that out as the script. The film leaves this horrible sense of despair in its wake. Not only are the aliens soulless killers, humans are filth not worth the clothes we come pre-packaged in. Summer Sci-Fi should leave you excited and amused, not sad you got out of bed in the morning.

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