My Girlfriend’s Back

July 4, 2005


No posting and very little stuff-doing has punctuated the last several days for me. While Katie was at Origins I took a little mini-vacation, working as hard as ever but otherwise enjoying staying in and playing video games.

Mostly, I’ll be honest, I played World of Warcraft. Grodin is up to 47, almost 48, and I’m closing in on the 50s with a relish. My improved leveling rate is due to the lovely grouping skillz of Elijah and Jeff, who I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with the last few days.

Now I’m gearing up for what is sure to be a challenging pair of months. July will see a LAN party, a Bachelor party, final detail pin-downs for the wedding, thing buying, place going, and so on and so forth. Next month…well…yeah. Wedding. And Gen Con. And woot!

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