Adopting a Mythical Creature

June 6, 2005

For the last several years I’ve been using Horde and Bloglines to get what I needed to do done. Primarily this was because of my dual nature, at work and at home. I wanted to be able to keep abreast of my rss feeds and email via the web in a sensible manner. And, truthfully, they rawk.

However, now that I’m a one-location cat I decided I could go ahead and use an actual email client. Horde is nice, but it’s not really all that great for spellchecking or address books, and Bloglines has some flaws that I’ve been gradually growing more aware of.

Thus, I adopted an Open Source Mythical Creature, Thunderbird. I’ve gotten my copious email logs moved over to the program, and almost 99% of my feeds are getting attention. I’ve found that some feeds I regularly used (livejournal comics feed and Warcry’s rss feeds in particular) don’t seem to play well with T-bird, but for the most part I have all of the important information coming in.

My only real gripe: Why can’t I right click on the link to the actual rss item and have it open in a new Firefox window? As it is I have to right click-copy link-paste into a new tab. Seems like too many clicks for a program that’s related to a web browser.

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