Pinch Me To Make Sure I Have A Pulse

June 1, 2005

I wish I could tell you I’ve been having grand adventures since the 27th, but I’d be lying if I said so.

Instead, I’ll pass on a new piece of wisdom. If someone asks you if you’d like to experience hives, turn them down.

The illness Katie and I have been volleying back and forth between us got nasty when it came back to me. Technically what I developed is known as ‘Acute Urticaria’, essentially a bad rash. Since Monday of this week I’ve been doped to the gills on antihistamines, and the floaty confusion of that experiance has made it difficult to focus.

On the upside, Katie is finally starting to feel better so once I’m back to 100% we should be good for the immediate future.

The last week or so has been spent focusing in on a few things. The preperations for the wedding continue apace. We’re on invitation addressing and mailing, so with a little luck and perseverance most of those should be out by Friday.

My latest issue of Dungeon came last Friday, and I was very pleased to see the beginning of the new Adventure Path (The Age of Worms) shows a lot of promise. I don’t feel the drive to run this campaign the way I do with Shackled City, but they’ve kicked off the new series with a good story. While Dragon has had some good moments since I picked it up again, I have found something at least vaguely interesting in nearly every issue of Dungeon I’ve recieved. They do good work over there.

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