I’m Not 19 Anymore

May 19, 2005

It’s been a somewhat eventful week. Aside from the E3 hoopla, my days have been quite full. Monday evening folks came over to watch the Clone War series, in preperation for Revenge of the Sith. If Gennedy is in charge of the ongoing cartoon series Lucas is planning, I will be well pleased.

Tuesday’s game was somewhat frustrating, as traveling through the wilderness proved to be a grueling experience. Still love those third level spells, though.

Yesterday, of course, was quite busy. Aside from oodles of E3 posts, we had our regular poker night. I’m pleased to relate that I finally had a really “on” night, and I came out almost 200 up from my starting seed. This places me in 5th place by average, 4th by overall earnings. After poker we partook in some Denny’s food(tm) and then enjoyed the experience of standing in line in the rain waiting for Revenge of the Sith.

Commentary on the movie later, but suffice it to say that I enjoyed it. Better than Episodes I and II, probably on par for me with Return of the Jedi. (If you’re curious, and I know you are, that would make my opinion on the Star Wars saga lay out thusly, from most to least enjoyed: ESB, ANH, RotJ, RotS, AotC, tPM)

Today, then, I’m ridiculously tired. I spent the morning working, trying to stay awake, and then caved into unconciousness around noon for a two hour nap. Hopefully that will hold me. Tonight we’re attending a go-away party for Terra, who is embarking on a two year excursion to the country of Zambia to participate in HIV/AIDs education for the local populace. For the record, Terra, you are teh rule. I know that I could never do something like that, and I completely respect you for doing so. We’ll miss you in August.

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