Tossing Furniture Out A Window Is A Sign of Affection

May 9, 2005

Last week went by pretty quickly. Tuesday Freedix dinged 5th level, netting him access to the all important spells Fireball and Fly. He also picked up Magical Arms and Armor, so I should be +1-tacular in the near future.

Had a lovely Friday shift, went by most efficiently. I am feeling a good deal more confident in the hot seat…which is good, because I’m going to be working the next two weekends in a row and have picked up several other shifts besides. Going to be worktacular for the next few weeks. Plus E3!

I’m going to try to get a Puzzle Pirates review up on the site this week. I’m stewed full of features for the near future, so no problems with site content in the near future.

Saturday we took in a showing of Hitchhiker’s Guide (thoughts later), and yesterday had a lovely Mother’s Day dinner with Katie’s folks. The weekend was most pleasant, and I’m glad I had the chance to relax before the end of the month.

Guild Wars has been the game of note lately, with plenty of World of Warcraft for tasty filling. On that note I have some show and tell! Magmadar is a boss mob in the Molten Core, one of the critical ones for moving around the instance. Some GOAns recently took him out. I wasn’t there (no where near high enough level), but our Guild leader Silx has some nice video of the takedown. Much less impressive, but something I was there for, Uldaman features a nice Indiana Jones moment with a light focusing rod and a giant lady. Feel free to check them out.

I didn’t get much time to play at all today, as I did some writing and spent much of the afternoon assisting the Davenports in moving to their lovely new home. This involved some trick work. In fact, while it was by no means the most annoying move I’ve ever assisted with, it was probably the most death defying. I was in charge of holding the end of a rope harness, at the other end of which was a large piece of furniture. I was tasked with sliding the furniture out the window and lowering it to Ben, who was on a ladder below. Exciting! No one died, and we got what we needed to do done in about three hours, so I was glad to help out.

The best part is we’re invited to the “Hey look we have a big house!” party later this year. That will be tre’ excellent.

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