Taken For A Ride

May 1, 2005

I’ve been pretty occupied the last few days. Learning to shape the forces of the Light into your bare hands against the forces of darkness can do that to a person.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thursday night after my shift Abby and Joe came over, and we watched some of my Christmas present. Mysterious Cities of Gold held up relatively well under scrutiny, even if I now know that as a kid I had absolutely no idea what was going on. We watched first DVD, which took them from Spain to Peru and netted the characters a magical golden ship. I hope we get to the bird soon. Joe also partook of the majesty that is Katamari. I feel it! I feel the Cosmos!

Friday I had a pretty awesome day at work. Good submissions, interesting conversations. Nice day. Other than that, not much to report.

Yesterday I got a lot of work done for Slashdot Games. Started an interesting thread which should see fruition later this week and started up some new features for the site. I find myself (finally) settling into a groove with the subsite and I’m more than just a little bit happy to be getting into the swing of things. Should be at least two interesting features up on the site this week (knock on wood).

Aside from working, some dinner and free entertainment was partaken of by Evan, Alan, Brian, Kat, Joe, Abby, Katie, and myself. The ‘free entertainment’ is going to be handled by writeups done by Alan and Brian, so I’m going to hold off on commenting for the time being. I’ll just say that I had hoped that reality was less shitty than it actually was, and was again proven wrong. Essentially, I wasted the time of a bunch of my friends last night and don’t feel too terribly good about it. I’m glad that mi compadres have good humour.

I’ve spent most of today doing some fun-having, working my way to the landmark level of 40 with Grodin in World of Warcraft. If I keep up my effort this evening, I should hit the level before I hit the hay.

Overall, the last week has been very confidence boosting. Here’s hoping I can maintain that enthusiasm in the week ahead.

After that….well, I hope that I can just keep up with the week after that. E3, I fear thee.

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