Seeing Things Differently

April 28, 2005

The review was done on Monday, but my coordination with Rob’s schedule has prevented getting the thing onto the site. Tomorrow or Friday, I think.

In the last few days I’ve been doing a lot of playing World of Warcraft with RL buddies. Brian, Katie, Elijah, and I actually got together to do some questing today in Elwynn. Brian is riding my 10 day pass, but he’s probably not going to up an account after the trial is up. Elijah and Katie, I think, are in for (at least part of) the haul. Here’s teh hope.

Monday I ended 20 years of dependence on frames and lenses by heading in to an eye doc and picking up the contacts I was fitted for last week. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was very young, and I can honestly say I look at the world differently with contacts in. Gaming, driving, looking out at trees and stuff….all very different. I’m still having a lot of problems putting them in, but I’m getting better. I’m working up my tolerance for them day by day, and today (Thursday) I’ll be up to 6 hours.

Tuesday I actually couldn’t get them into my eyes in time for gaming, so I was bespectacled when our party danced with the otyugh and centipede swarms of the fallen university. I’m getting ever closer to the crucial level of five with Freedix. At level five, the Wizard gets third level spells. Awww yeah. Can you say Fireball?

Yesterday I went in with Katie to provide moral support as she got her ears repierced. The doc was extremely competent and proffesional, and the girl said it was the best piercing experience she’s ever had. Since the place was right near the Monroe street comic shop, it was trade paperback time! Katie picked up some Birds of Prey, and I snagged some Spider-Man. Feel the webslinging love.

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