Wherein I Interview Someone And Ruin Their Career

April 23, 2005

Okay, not really.

Wednesday turned out alright. I didn’t bust everyone up, but I did okay and certainly held my own. I’m still hovering around even, but my trend of late has been upward.

Yesterday after my morning shift we had lunch with folks at Hubbard (very pleasant), and then dinner that evening with Katie’s folks and a friend of the family. Yesterday was actually quite lovely.

Which was nice, because today was very “eh”. Rainy and cold enough to prompt a quick heater burst to get the ambient temperature up, Friday was very much a blah experience.

There was, however, a neat me related thing put up on Gamasutra today. I did a quick interview with Jessica Mulligan for the site. And now she’s leaving Turbine. NOT MY FAULT.

Anyway….movie tomorrow night after shift, and writing all weekend for a Monday deadline.

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