Helm Above Water

April 20, 2005

Today is a personal best for me. Grodin is now level 35.

That’s the highest I’ve gotten a character in World of Warcraft, and to celebrate I went and beat the crap out of some centaurs in Desolace. Stranglethorn will wait until later this week, as I think I might be out of Azeroth for a day or so working on real life thingies.

Monday my eye appointment went pretty well. My eyes aren’t any worse per se, but my astigmatizm has increased over the years. Lunch with Katie and Alan at Red Robin was a nice middlepoint for the day.

Last night, Freedix got turned to stone by an angry Cockatrice. Luckily, my comrades spent the monies needed to get me turned back. I am apparently getting my Dungeons and Dragons karma returned to me for those years of DMing.

Today Sony Online went insane and opened a virtual property exchange. As you do, when you’re arguably one of the leaders of a niche industry.

Tonight we’re putting out the cards and playing some poker, where I’ll try to come back from last week’s downturn.

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