The Good People of Sardokk Norr

April 18, 2005

Lunch at the Great Dane turned out all right. I only really had time to stay for a beer and a round of pool, as duty called, but my ex-coworkers were very nice and gave me a neat desk clock as a gift.

Friday night’s socializing at Jabby’s was very nice. We had some foodstuffs, and did a lot of sitting around and talking. Brian and Kat also passed on to me their Christmas present, which took many moons to reach here because of seller difficulties. They got me a complete set of the 1980’s cartoon series The Mysterious Cities of Gold, a Nick favorite when I was growing up (alongside Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, etc.). I’ve only really watched the first episode or so, but…yeah. Wow. Childhood.

Saturday some dorks gathered at Alan’s for Twilight Imperium. Despite reservations, the game ended up only taking about four hours, mostly because some of us were asleep at the stick and allowed things to get out of hand too quickly. I generally ended up in a shitty part of the Galaxy, so I was never really in the running for Imperium Rex. S’okay, I had a good time anyway. After Imperium Ben went home for home-working, and we headed to my place for some more games. We tried out Corruption, played about 20 minutes of Illuminati: Crime Lords, Bang!, and did two games of Falling. Falling was mostly a time killer as we waited for our reservations at Biaggi’s to come due, where we had a lovely dinner to finish out the night.

Been a nice couple of days, all around. The weather has been beautiful, so we’ve had the door and windows open most of the day. A little light rain has only added to springy-ness of the moment.

On the gaming front my Splinter Cell review should go up today, and I continue apace in Azeroth and the Imperial Kingdom. I’m going to aim to have my review for Jade Empire up on the site a week from today. Grodin is currently pushing at the edges of level 33, meaning that next level I will meet back up with the quests and world I left behind when I stopped playing Trust, my magess.

I’m actually really looking forward to tackling 34, though. I’m in much better shape financially (been a better AH hawk), I’ve been hanging with the guildies a lot lately, and I still have a bunch of quests that I haven’t even tapped yet. At the moment I’m clearing out my Hillsbrad quests, and I’ll be moving to the Arathi Highlands when I’m done. When I hit 35 I’m going to head south and start causing trouble in Stranglethorn Vale. Mmm….parrots.

Today, though, I’m heading out into the big scary world to get my eyes looked at. It’s been some time since my last eye exam. I really missed having air blown into my eyes, obviously.

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