Advancement Through Time and Space

April 9, 2005

Through last week and into this one, things have been a-changin’ and a-twistin’. The season, of course, has finally shifted. Despite the ominous clouds and chill air of the oncoming night off of our porch, its is most definately spring. The weather this weekend was tremendous, and while I would have liked to do more walking around in it, the time I spent outside was most enjoyable.

I was on duty most of this past weekend, though, and the nice air outside seemed to have an adverse affect on my ability to concentrate. Stupid little mistakes when you’re doing a job are bad enough, but in front of an audience…

Ahem. Anyway, I have more things to add to my list of “stuff to look out for in the future”.

Like myself, Paul has photos from this most mild of seasons to share. You can view those on his apple website.

Saturday night Katie, Alan, Eva, and I had a lovely dinner at Vin Santo after an afternoon spent running through some Pirates of the Spanish Main. The platic-card based construction game from Whizkids is enjoyable in the short term. I question the long term enjoyment of the game, given the limited rules set. But they’re cool little ships, to be sure!

Today Katie and I went about fussing with wedding stuff. We’re finally finished up with our registries. Linkage will be available on the wedding page, which will recieve an update sooner rather than later. Invitations are printing, the rings are already under consideration, and everything else seems to be on track. Barring meteor strike, August 13th will probably be a pretty good day.

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