Bumper Driving

March 17, 2005

Katie and I braved the elements this evening to try the corned beef Kat and Brian have been brining in the back of their fridge for the last month. While we were, ummm, a little trepedacious at first all in all the dinner was quite good. The meat was a little salty but a more thorough rinsing would have removed that issue, so in general a win. Nummy mashed potatoes and not sweat-socky cabbage. Yay for St. Paddy’s day.

We headed home a little early because the weather wasn’t helping the girl’s head at all. While we were fine most of the way home, we saw quite a few vehicled ditched into the snow on either side of Highway M.

The real trouble began at the top of the large hill on PD, heading down towards our apartment complex. The turnoff for the complex is halfway down the hill and the slush and snow simply would not allow me to brake fast enough. So, a little apprehensive, I passed the turn off and continued to tap-tap-tap the brakes on the way down the hill. At the first right I came to, I braked as well as I could and took the turn.

We skidded across the pavement, braking all the way, and thumped to a stop against the far curb at probably about 5 miles an hour or so. No pain, not even a jerk on the seatbelts, but a jarring stop. I moved us off immediately into a driveway to take a look at the wheel, but everything looked fine. The best of a bad situation dealt with, we slowly turned around and crept our way back up the hill to home.

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