The Flush is a Made Up Hand

March 4, 2005

Wednesday night we had our bi-weekly poker session, and Ben defined reality for us by teaching us the meaning of the word “schooled”. The session we had resulted in Ben up 211, and the rest of us down. oi. quite the spanking. Not only that, but where before we have not had even a single four of a kind this time around we had three of them. Ben’s big payoff came when he was dealt four tens and went up against a full house held by Alan. Most impressive.

Thursday was the last session of the Eberron Modules Campaign, at least until the future. Alan’s breakdown is available, if you’re interested. It was commented that the ending was somewhat anti-climactic, but the second module was, as far as I can tell, meant to be a fast paced chase sequence to break up the two more plot-oriented action set pieces in modules one and two.

I had a lot of fun trying out the Eberron setting, and I hope we can finish the final module at some point in the future. The pulp feel is a new twist for me to try to incorporate into games, and feel like I learned a lot by running WotC’s stuff.

Friday starts my 48 hour session at the helm of the Slashdot mainpage. All three shifts for the next two days are my responsibility. I hope you like the Zonk show.

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