Dear Mr. President, There Are Too Many States Nowadays. Please Eliminate Three.

February 28, 2005

Because, if you can’t rant ineffectully on your blog, where can you rant?

My FLGS just reopened after a week of closed-ness. The reason for the week off was apparently to remodel. I’ve had the chance to visit the store twice now, and I’m not very happy.

Pegasus Games used to have a setup where the front area was something of sideways “L” shape. You entered the store at the bottom of the lower part, and the front counter was behind the bend. In front of that area there was a set of shelves with gaming books. There was a little nook on the right hand side set aside with card and board games. Behind that nook there was a series of tables for gaming, and storage in the back.

The intent of the remodeling was to increase the playspace for the customers. I guess. See…right there I have a lot of confusion about the issue. I’ve read some of the columns on Pyramid by game store owners, and what tehy said seemed to make a lot of sense. Their points always seemed to be that it was more important to set up the store as a store than a place where fat dorks and 12 year olds could meet to play card games.

They’ve definately succeeded in increasing the play space. Instead of a nook for board games and card games, they’re spread out all along the right hand wall. They’ve filled up the extra space with more tables, and opened up the back room for even more gaming. Which is nice, for the 12 year olds. As someone who will never play a game at Pegasus, it kind of sucks. On busy nights the twelve year olds are all over the place, meaning that you’d literally have to push your way through people to get to a board game. Likewise, they’re somewhat in the way of the roleplaying books.

The real question I have here is why they’ve decided to abandon their casual gaming customers so badly? If I came in there on a weekday night after work to pick up a board game for my kid or for a grandkid and saw the mass of coke swilling nerddom swarming between me and the board games, I’d turn around and leave.

It’s nice that they’re trying to make a community space for their regular card and warhammer gamers, but I’d much rather be visiting Pegasus Games years from now because they’re a viable business.

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