Religion Is No Good Without A Sword to Back It Up

February 18, 2005

Right. So.

I got my priest up to level 8, and just about fell asleep. It was just the same damn thing that I’d been through with the mage. Herbalism/Alchemy also wasn’t doing it for me, just the same old same old.

So, reluctantly, I admitted to myself that it was put up or shut up time. I canned the priest version of Grodin, and rerolled with him as a Paladin. To show my commitment to Grodie, I liquidated Trust’s equipment. Every bit of it soulbound, of course, so I could only sell the pieces for vendor prices. As a sixth level character, I was still able to pick up over 10 pieces of gold at the first town. That’s a fortune for a level six char, so I felt pretty good about that.

At this point he’s up to 13. I’ve taken several measures with this version of Grodin to ensure that I don’t get weary. First, my class of Paladin harkens back to Grodin’s warrior days. I like whacking the foozles firsthand. The addition of the healing and protective magics makes things very different, though. I’ve already lived through several fights where I know I would have died had I been a warrior. Much love for my connection to the light. Secondly, my proffessions of choice are Mining/Engineering (with an eventual specialization in Gnomish Arts). Mining isn’t my favorite choice, but the Engineering craft is fascinating. Definatley the most fun crafting I’ve done since I picked up the game. Elements from many different skills are brough together, with ores and gems and cloths and leathers all combining in neat ways. Plus, I get to throw dynamite!

The big way, though, that I’ve stymied the specter of dwarf-burn is by avoiding the dwarvish and human second tier zones. I’ve played through Loch Modan and Westfall many, many, many times at this point. So to rip things up a bit I have journeyed across the sea to the Night Elf lands. The area of Darkshore is this lovely, creepy forested area that moves in completely different ways than Elwynn and Duskwood. The quests are these really quirky, nature based trials that focus on the discovery of the poison and rot in the elven forests. I’m really enjoying them as a breath of fresh air. (After my 1000th Trogg, you get tired of Defending the King’s Lands.)

My only complaint about this move is that I’ve sort of shot myself in the foot as regards training. The poncy Night Elves have no need for engineering. I’ve already advanced beyond the lowest level of devices, and the only person I can get training from is a braindead gnome in Auberdine. Beyond that, I can’t get training for my class abilities because Paladins are few and far between on the continent of Kalimdor.

To be honest, this decision is really my first real complaint about the game’s design. As it is Darnassus is a backwater city, which any self-respecting dwarf would never find himself in. Why would it have been a crime to have an envoy from Ironforge hanging out somewhere, with Paladin Trainer guards and a small contingent of gnomish engineers?

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