Tiny Puppies Make for Frantic Bunkmates

February 17, 2005

I’ve had this weird block for the last few days, and writing hasn’t come easily. So this is a recap for a whole week, basically. Last Friday night I worked, just like I did all day. Fridays are going to be long days for me, as I am on duty starting at 6:45 am, until…whenever I get stories scheduled out until the following morning. Doing a whole day of stories has a certain amount of fun to it, but it’s also challenging. Katie and I nipped out for a short bit in the evening to have dinner with her parents and talk a bit about the wedding, before heading back home so I could keep an eye on the submissions bin and the on-duty email address.

Saturday and Sunday were quiet days. I was working some more in the evenings, so there wasn’t a whole lot we could do. We had Gracie over on Saturday for sleep-over, and it was nice having a puddle of fuzz wandering around for the day. Sunday night we had Ben over for food, and Katie made a really interesting Russian cold potato, chicken, and apple salad. Not something for every week, but it was a nummy change of pace.

Monday and Tuesday we did some housecleaning and small projects. I did World of Warcraft things (more on that in another post), and tried desperately to put pen to paper.

Wednesday night was a Poker night, and I turned around the downward trend I had last time around by coming out 83 spacebucks ahead.

Yes. Spacebucks. Blame the De Smets.

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