I’ve Found Religion

February 14, 2005

Since Warcraft launched I’ve been playing a Mage named Trust as my primary character. If you read any of my posts back during Beta, you know that my character back then was named Grodin. Grodin is my dwarfy persona in WoW, and the name by which my Guild-mates in GoA know me best.

I was playing Trust this morning, and I’ve just grown weary of the mage’s lot in life. She’s super squishy and not the most social of classes. It’s hard to group with a mage.

So, I decided to reroll Grodin. After some consultation with the guild-mates, I decided on a Priest. The priestly class (like all classes in WoW, really) does fine in solo efforts, and is always a welcome companion in a group.

So far I’m just up to level 6, having burned my way through the newbie area in just under 45 minutes. He’s going to go herbalism/alchemy to offset his healing skills with pots, and to increase his group-friendlyness with the buffing abilities of potions.

Should be interesting.

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